Give People Their Rights on Social Media

Did you know that posting a picture you took of a friend of yours without their express permission is punishable by law in the U.A.E?

Social media can be a blessing or a curse. Once meant to be a means of information, knowledge sharing and personal growth has now become a hub of exploitation and abuse from identity theft to slander and defamation. In a perfect society, everyone would automatically be entitled to their rights and would proactively ensure that, in exercising their own rights, they don’t infringe on another’s. So how can you ensure that you respect other’s rights on social media?

The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the cyber law in the U.A.E which aims to protect user’s moral and personal rights on social media. Here are some examples of common infringements of another’s rights within the confines of Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2012 in the U.A.E:

  1. Cyberbullying people by swearing, insulting, harassing or accusing them; Even if only using emoticons.
  2. Taking screenshots of another person’s conversation and invading their privacy.
  3. Posting photographic of video-graphic images of a person and saving it, uploading it or tagging them on social media without permission. (Article 21)
  4. Publishing rumours or unlawful news through a post, tweet or otherwise even if widely-known or true and correct
  5. Using communication services, audio or video broadcasting channels without legal right. (Article 34)
  6. Publishing information for the interest of an unauthorized group, association, organization or body (e. an unregistered charity organization) for the collection of donations. (Article 27)

What would be your first step in protecting other’s rights on social media?


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