Basics of Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content is either or a mix of the following Text, Video, Imagery, Gifs…etc. Content marketing is when you use data, often with the support of SEO keywords, to help support your content to help you reach a predetermined goal.

It’s the approach of creating and distributing valuable and consistent content to a target audience with the objective of driving profitable action – Joe Pulizzi
Author of “The Evolution of Content Marketing will Include Intelligent Content’

What questions should you ask yourself before generating online content?

Remember the 5 W’s

  1. Who – is your audience?
  2. What – are you offering?
  3. Where – will they be?
  4. When – should you talk to them?
  5. Why – would they take action?
  6. How – will you ask them?


How do you start answering these questions?

Research Research Research!

If you don’t already have historical data, then look at industry and competitor Data. Research the customer online: (Who, When, Where) ; Research the product or service (What); Make it easy (Why) , Use a Call to Action (How) – start by using historical and competitor data.

“The more your content addresses specific needs, and the easier it is to digest, the more engaged your visitors will be. And they will start to see you as a reliable source of useful information.”

What do you need to consider?

You need to ask yourself, how you can get the most important pieces of information
out to your audience. Start with the inverted pyramid structure and throw in SEO keywords.

When you master the inverted pyramid style, everything else becomes easy.


How is writing for content different from news writing?

News writing tells you facts, content writing (with good copywriting) helps to sell ideas and market your brand based on data.

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