My Top 7 VR / 360 experiences (I Like 6 the best!)

VR isn’t ‘on the way’, it’s already here! With the rise of the Occulus Rift, Google Cardboard & Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality is actually starting to become, well, a reality.

The potential for top quality content creation is incredibly high giving brand the ability to give their customers totally immersive experiences be it through VR City Tours, VR product experiences or quests. I can’t wait to see what big brands in the UAE will create.

Let’s look at the best free VR executions available on any VR headset right now  – And if you don’t have a VR headset, have no fear! Most of these also come in the form of 360 videos.

Please note that most 360 videos can be converted into a VR-Like experience by connecting your phone to your headset and selecting the Google Cardboard icon (On YouTube) or its equivalent.

1 -Gaming & Technology – Tenik: In Mind VR

Enter the human mind and help to eradicate this patient of  their depression by shooting lazors at damaged neurons (Oh if only!) This gun is extremely gun and moves faster as you go through the game!

Use: with any product or service in the form of gamification. Example: Dining

Watch here:

2 -Automotive – Nitto Tires : VR Drift with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Imagine standing in the center of a parking lot with Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifting around you in his Mustang.

Use: New product releases, or test drive experiences.


3- Story Telling – Vrse: Clouds Over Sidra

This VR experience by VRSE really highlights what you can do through simple storytelling. Allowing the user to physically control the camera so that they can choose what they can see in their surroundings allows the view to get a first hand look at the character’s new home and help the view build empathy for the character.

Use:Telling unique stories from the reader’s perspective

Watch here or click on the image:



4- News & Event Coverage- Jaunt: Sky News Migrant (Read Refugee) Crisis

In this video you will have the opportunity to understand what is happening on the Greek Island of Lesbos in regards to the current refugee crisis from Sky New’s perspective.

Use: Live Reporting and covering hard to reach areas.


5- Travel & Tourism – Qantas & Samsung : Visit Hamilton Island, Australia

Australia has been at the top of their game when it comes to travel and tourism. As usual they beat everyone to it and created this wonderful experience that gives you a taste of what visiting Australia will be like.

Use: Showing Off main travel hotspots, showcasing a new area or documentary style tours

6- Film & Television – Jaunt : Zoolander Infinity

This is a great example of a VR based teaser for a film. A really fun way to help give the audience the experience of being in the movie and maybe even interacting with the main characters of the film.

Use: Building loyalty, teasers, character development

Watch here or click on the image:


7- Sports & Tutorial: The Complete Guide to Beginner Snowboarding

Very cool way to get you to actually pay attention to those pesky tutorial videos,well the second time round anyways after your had a good look at everything!

Use: Tutorials, complete immersion, brand retention


So now that you have had a quick look, which one did you like the best? Do you have any favourites that you’d like to share?



Tell me what you think

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