Cheap & Frugal #Valentine #tips in #Dubai

See the original post here written January 2014

 Are you looking for something cheap and frugal to do in Dubai on Valentines?

Well you’re in luck, whether you’re married, just dating , taking a friend out instead, or doing something special for your mother ❤ (RIP mum) –  and Valentines’ day has sprung up on you I’m going to give you a few cheap ideas on how to celebrate.
– Of course, you could always say that you don’t believe in celebrating only on one day, or that you don’t like celebrating made up holidays that were created by marketers back in the day and that are backed up by capitalism. However, due to peer pressure and expectations I think that’s just not going to cut it.
If for some reason you forgot about valentines, or are haven’t budgeted to do a huge show of valentines, here are a few ideas – I warn you in advance you might find them lame.
Also, if you’re with the type of person that will judge you based on the value of your present then you either dump them or realize that you are like that too!:


Looking your best
Lame I know, but suprisingly a lot of people really just don’t make the effort. Just wear some perfume, a nice outfit and put on a winning smile. Throw out a few compliments and be considerate. It’s free, it’s thoughtful, it’s important to do everyday.
handsome (567) Animated Gif on Giphy

Make a promise.
That niggling habit of picking your nose in public? That annoying trait of yours to always prove that you’re right? The constant complaints about your life? Make a promise to improve yourself and be a better person.

26 Decisions That Are Incredibly Difficult For Third Culture Kids
DIY Gifts.
Cute, Lame, Thoughtful and everything in between 🙂

Aed 50 or Less:

  • Make your own food – Dinner at home, or a picnic in the desert/ beach . Make a pot of tea, Throw in some dried rose buds or cinnamon sticks in the fire and make it smell magical!
    -We eat out too much these days , make something you really like and have  a quality day out
  • The traditional Chocolate + a single red rose (Boooring!)
  • A  printed T-shirt / Mug
    – I made one for my brother on his birthday that said (If Found Please Return to the Gym) and he still wears it! (Or so he claims) – Go to the basement at Mercato Mall under spinneys you’ll find a printing shop there, bring a USB with a picture or just some text

Aed 100 or less:

This bouquet of red roses with free delivery on valentines

This iPhone lens kit – (Or this battery pack )
-Tech is always a great gift I don’t care what anyone else says – Shoutout to Tbreak Media ! Check out their website for the latest in consumer technology

Experience a 4D movie together at VOX

Go trekking in Fujairah
– And totally show off your super Hiking Skills

Following In Her Footsteps FAIL

– Cost is for fuel and food 🙂  !  (Or pay 250pp here)

Aed 200 or more:

Make some memories together
-Go to cafe ceramique and spend the day painting a mug for each-other 🙂

Play Games
Check out Sega Republic and have a laugh!

Share an experience
Do a Try dive experience together and share a new love for diving!

I just HAD to add this GIF OMG Isn’t this GIF cute!

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