Top 5 #free #running tracks in #MyDubai

See the original post here from January 2014

Though you sweat buckets in the UAE, which is basically like walking through a giant sauna/steam room, running has become quite fashionable with the Jumeirah Janes and Johns
(or shall I say Jumeriah Jameelas and Jafars) of Dubai.

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If you’re looking for a cool (most importantly free) place to hit the tarmac (or shall I say, special squidgy red running track thingy) look no further.

1- Jumeirah beach

Good for: Family vibes
Bad for: sand-phobes

Hidden behind the luxourios villas dotted along to coast line of jumeirah beach, is a feel good paradise of sand sand sea and beautiful scenery. Bicycles for hire, scuba divers flipping across the sand, people staring at almost innocent sun bathers is a running track on the beach, fully equipped with squidgy red stuff. Great for those “I want to pretend I live In Miami” runs


2- Marina walk
Good for: Scenic city scape (esp at night)
Bad for: Looking like a showoff ,no squidgy running thing

Behind Dubai Marina Mall lies a little mina (port) with a few fishing boats, mini yachts and bigger yachts (haha im so smart). Twinkling in the artificial light of the buildings surrounding it is the marina. Just hugging it is a lovely little walk/runway that will take you along the wannabe mini thames. Conveniently, reebook has put up markers along the way to keep you going.


3- Safa Park
Good for: Nature, everyone
Bad for: Maybe the location, depends on where you live
Admittedly I’ve only been to Safa Park a few times, just outside the park entrance is a running path (squidgy AND red -yay!) Plus, you won’t look weird to other people, they expect you to urn. Go inside the park and you’ll be struck by the gorgeous rolling greens surrounding you.
Go ahead spend the day.
Good for: Newbie Runners / Sand
Bad for: Veteran Runners
Basset Hound Running in Slow Motion

At the end (or beginning) of al Khail road lies Jumeriah Village Circle, dotted with apartments, townhouses and sand it seems a bit incomplete. Look again and you’ll notice a cluster of palm trees randomly placed around what looks like the beginnings of a park, and around this park is a cute little circular running track that is only 1.7kms long. Newbies rejoice!


5- The Palm

Good for: Scenic views, sea air & privacy

Bad for: No squidgy running thing

You can try the often run jogging track on the palm (Check out Gulf New’s link below) OR you can try this:
Drive up all along the trunk of the palm and turn left away from Atlantis and you’ll drive up along the outskirts of the palms branches along a beautiful coastline across the marina and JBR. There you can just run and run and run.Want more ideas? Check these babies out

  1. TimeOut’ Dubai 5 to Try Running Routes 
  2. Gulf New’s Is this Dubai’s Longest Jogging Track?
  3. Dubai Runner’s Safe Venues for Running in Dubai
  4. Dubai Running Routes 
  5. The National’s On Location Al Barsha Park Dubai

Note: This does NOT mean that I am a runner, I wish i was but I’m too lazy  to give it a real efort. Also, I don’t so much run as jog, sort of, everylike 2 mins, then walk for like 20mins… where’s my cookie?

Where’s your favorite place to run?


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